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The quality and usefulness of any building inspection is only as good as the knowledge and experience of the professional performing the inspection. Experience is vital since many judgements must be based on the visible evidence. Criterium-Liszkay Engineers are expert at picking up subtle visual nuances which may signal a problem. Understanding the technology of buildings is also critically important to interpreting the significance of observed condition.

Each Engineer on our staff offers:

  • State licensing as a Professional Engineer, an accomplishment that requires at least eight years of advanced training and experience.
  • Substantial, specific experience with building construction spanning many years.
  • A personal and professional commitment to serving the public as a licensed Professional Engineer.
  • Active participation in ongoing training and quality control programs.
  • An ethical obligation to serve only you, our client, with the highest standards of professionalism and confidentiality.
  • A dedication to helping you understand your building by telling you what you need to know, in terms you can understand.


  • Our engineers are available for a reasonable number of phone calls after the inspection and report are received.
  • For your convenience we have added a registered architect to our staff that is available for architectural services including design, tenant buildout, and feasibility studies.
  • We offer payment by credit cards or checks.
  • Toll free number 1-866-418-7202.