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Reserve & Tranisition Studies

The Criterium Engineers Reserve Study combines an engineering review of building components with a financial analysis to determine what must be set aside on a periodic basis in a capital reserve fund. In our analysis, we employ software developed exclusively for Criterium Engineers by KPMG Peat Marwick.

Condominium associations and other Common Interest Realty Groups will appreciate Criterium Engineers comprehensive approach to reserve studies. If your reserve is underfunded, we will develop practical alternatives that combine common sense engineering and "Big Five" accounting expertise. If your property has known problems, or if we uncover them, we are available locally to develop repair designs, bid packages, and manage construction. If you have never had a reserve study, you will have peace of mind knowing that a reliable analysis has been performed.

The software provides Common Interest Realty Groups with an analysis of their current capital reserves, future requirements, and various funding options for ensuring the viability and health of the capital reserve fund. The standard Reserve Study consists of 4 elements:

  • Component Inventory
  • Condition Assessment and Valuation
  • Fund Status
  • Funding Plan

We understand and comply with state and industry standards and AICPA requirements. We also understand the often politically sensitive nature of Common Interest Realty Groups. We have proven our ability to work effectively with owners, boards and managers.

Transition Studies are typically used by Condominium Boards of new developments who wish to determine if the developers have completed the development:

  • In compliance with generally recognized construction practices
  • In compliance with the design drawings

In new developments, Reserve and Transitions studies are generally done at the same time.